Cherry Wheat
Cherry Wheat
Cherry Wheat

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Cherry Wheat

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Tart cherries with hints of cinnamon and rich grains. It's a hearty snack with 17 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and collagen.


Mindfully Made

This is just one snack to start pushing for more sustainable foods for outdoor adventures. This voyage of food upcycling helps each of us be more active in a quieter but pragmatic agriculture and food revolution.

Our Ingredients

Each product is made from sustainable ingredients with no added sugar. Spent grain offers more fiber, higher protein, and added collagen helps with ligament and tendon repair needed to prevent sports injuries.

Perfect For

Weekend warriors, those who are already planning their next hike or climbing route outside of the city, and even the busy parents grabbing a snack between their final work meeting and going to the gym.