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Upcycled Snacks

Voyage Snacks makes bars that are a better appetizer on the go. They have functional ingredients that can fuel the diehard hiker or busy parent. We have all had a snack bar to get us through a busy day, fuel us on a hike, or to energize us before the gym. However, most bars are like desserts - not filling and making you feel more like you cheated on your health goals. Our spent grain offer more fiber, higher protein, and added collagen helps with ligament and tendon repair needed to prevent sports injuries. Plus, there is no added sugar.

Meet the founder

About Orion

For over the past decade, I have worked with farms growing sustainable ingredients and reducing food waste. While at sweetgreen, I helped build transparent supply chains. Currently, at UrbanStems, I have built our supply partnerships, planned forecasting, and ran a supply strategy to support our growth from $8.8 million to over $100 million in annual revenue over two years. I have done this while maintaining COGS and improving quality. Blending all of those passions together, I now want to build my own sustainable food company that helps people refuel on their outdoor and day-to-day adventures.