Earth Friendly Snacks

Refuel Your Adventure

What we do

Our Process

Step 1

Collect the reduced sugar, fiber and protein rich barley byproducts from breweries

Step 2

Rescue these good ingredients from ending up in landfills and adds to green house gases

Step 3

Dry and mill the spent barley so it is healthy and stable for baking delicious snacks

Step 4

Turn the spent grain into flavorful snacks that help fuel your next adventure

Our Products

Snack Bars

Most bars are like desserts, making you feel like you cheated on your health goals. Voyage Snacks makes bars that are a better appetizer on the go. They have functional ingredients that can fuel even the toughest adventurer. There is no added sugar, and it is made from sustainable ingredients. Spent grain offers more fiber, higher protein, and added collagen helps with ligament and tendon repair needed to prevent sports injuries.

Who we are

Our Mission

When food is wasted so are all of the resources wasted that went into growing, harvesting, and transporting it. Reducing food waste is a leading solution to help tackle climate change. Voyage Snacks was founded to make snacks with the right nutrients, protein, and simple ingredients that have a smaller carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact. That way we can project the outdoor places we love, while staying fueled up for adventure.

what we give

Our Philanthropy

We've made it our mission to donate 1% back to the planet and are committed to using sustainable ingredients. It’s a way to have confidence in the food for your daily fitness while you do something good for the earth. This convenient snack helps all of us better balance the voyage of weaving our passions and work together. With your help we can turn it into a possible solution for climate change and environmental preservation. This is just one snack to start pushing for more sustainable foods for outdoor adventures. This journey of food upcycling helps each of us be more active in a quieter but pragmatic agriculture and food revolution. I hope you will join me on this voyage.

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